PDFs -- Sketches -- Making

Along the way to the final objects in this series some sketches emerged that are worth showing. Mainly I was testing out and playing with functionality. Or disfunctionality. And value of use – how small modifications can totally change, reverse or enhance an object. When I realised how even – or especially – restrictions in a well known object can enhance its meaning and make it tell a story more than just being an object of use I started working on the final series.

Modified ethernet-cable and mouse

Modified compact disc

Navigation system
Not showing the way, only announcing when you are there.

Kindchenschema devices

Playing with the idea of human – especially childlike – characteristics
in electronic devices.

and imagine this
... a remote control with a range of 50cm
... a watch with hands that are not moving, so you have to set the time all the time yourself as you go
... an emotionally insecure, attention-seeking mobile phone. the vibration alarm goes off when you don't pay attention and look at it every 5 minutes. If there are messages or not.
... a voice recorder that records and simultaneously plays back.
... a digital notebook working like a chalkboard. or a solar calculator. Notes you type in are only displayed/saved for that session or till the page is full.